Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Anime has been around for a very long time.  I have watched several anime in my life, and I have found that one must be very careful about what anime thy watch.  Anime are like movies in the states, each with it's own theme.  When I was a teenager, I thoroughly enjoyed anime and I would essentially watch any anime.  However, now I am more weary about the anime I watch.  It's mainly because there are so many different animes that exist, of which, not all are great!  I have found that I prefer anime with action and a story with a bit of comedy.  I have seen animes with pure action and not story, but those aren't not enjoyable.  I really want to watch long anime series, but like most long series, I don't have the patients to watch the entire series.  As such, I usually can only handle short anime stories.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

When Annabell got home later that same day, her mother screamed with joy.  As Annabell walked home with her friends, she had this funny feeling about her, but never in er imagination did she imagine that the news that her mother was about to tell her.
"He's coming home!  Yea!  I'm so happy for the both of us!" said manic mom Xochitl as she picked up her daughter and spinned her around.
Annabell thought she felt happy and excited, but a feeling of easiness emerged and she couldn't help but think of Annabell.
"You father is coming home.  His time is up and the state is releasing him for good behavior.  Isn't that great news?"  said Xochitl to her daughter.
As Annabell heard this news she began to cry, which Xochitl confused as symbolizing joy. At which time Lucius understood his true mission.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"God dam it!" thought Lucius as he heard the screams.  Feeling a slight vibration throughout his body, he remembered his place and quickly said to himself  "sorry! sorry! sorry!" in rapid succession as a omen to the higher powers that be.  A force of habit... of sorts.  At which time he quickly walked towards the closet of the crackheads for a sneak peak at there scared faces, then walked outside.
Not thinking beyond the initial introduction to Annabell, but glad that she was not scared, Lucius waited across the street for Annabell and maniac mom to walk to school.  When the door finally open, a grizzly old man walked out first, bidding fare well to his sinful night with the temptress and her scandalous body.  At which time maniac mom came out decked in scandalous shorts to short to be shorts with "delicious" written across her ass and a muscle shirt, exposing her creamy white flesh.  With her blond hair tied in a bun and a bag to big to be called a bag, maniac mom walked out and impatiently waited for Annabell. 
Annabell, the second grade tragic heroin of our story, no taller than most people's waist, came out of her dwelling with a open book in her hand, eyes focused, and ready to learn the way only an African-American child who loves to learn can learn.   
"Annabell!  Please hurry up Sweetie!  I have a client at 8:30 and I'm not ready!  Move it!  Let's go!" said maniac mom to her daughter.
"Coming mommy!" said Annabell as she closed her book and ran to embrace her mother's hand with her own.
"Mommy..." said Annabell as she took her mother's hand, "why did Lucius leave so suddenly?"
"Who?" said maniac mom, not understanding what her imaginative daughter was talking about.  To which maniac mom proceed to say to her young daughter, "Annabell sweetie, if you can go the whole day without talking about what happened, I'll take you to Chuck-e-Cheeses!"
To which Annabell jumped for joy, laughter, and excitement.
Maniac mom, disregarding the day's earlier event as merely a schizophrenic break from reality, and cursing the doctor who said she was anything but schizophrenic, continued her day while thanking the heavens she remained free to care for her young beautiful daughter. 
"Pull it together Xochitl" said manic mom to herself as she put on her fake smile and passed the other ladies congregating outside of their children's school with her fat bellies hanging from their pajamas and their scandalous face from the day's rumors.

From a distant, Lucius wondered what Annabell needed protection from.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Anime Spoiler alert

There is a new Dragon Ball Z movie entitled Battle of the Gods.  It's set several years after the battle with Majin Boo but before Goku meets Uub and begins training him.  It was just released in Japan this past late March.  In the movie, Super Saiyan Goku 3 is defeated twice, even as Super Saiyan God.  I can't wait until it's released next year with English Subtitles.

Also, the next Naruto Shippuden movie will have Susuke attack Konoho and Naruto must use his powers to safe the vilalge hidden in the leaf.  This is a big deal because the comic book just recently revealed that Sasuke has joined the Leaf in the 4th great Ninja world and plans on becoming Hokage after resurrecting the previous 4 Hokages with the help of Orochimaru to help in the battle against Madera and Orbito.  Can't wait for that either!

Now back to my regularly scheduled program!

Friday, May 24, 2013

"So that's what sex looks like!" though Lucius as he slowly backed away from the room of maniac mother.  Having never experienced the pleasure of man or women, Lucius was pure in some respect but loose in others.
"Well..." he thought as he slowly maneuvered his way to Annabell's room.  "It's now or never!"  He walked past maniac mom's room, hearing her stumble all over her room, and walked into Annabell's room.  Annabell was already starting at her door, expecting her mother, while sitting at her table and doing her daily morning reading of her current series infatuation of Junie B. Jones.  When she saw Lucius, she was not surprised but pleased.  She screamed, "Lucius!  Your not dead!" as she ran towards Lucius to give him a hug, but instead slammed into the door and feel unconscious.
"Great!" Lucius thought.  Hearing maniac mom open her door, Lucius decided to transport himself to the lower level of the apartment building.  As he entered into the other apartment, screams emanated from the residents as the crackheads grasped their goodies and hid in the closet.
Maniac mom came running with a shotgun in her arms, aiming in every which direction looking for that phantom.  Seeing her daughter on the floor, she knew she needed the ghostbusters, if only they existed.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Having waited all night, Lucius was happy to see the sun risen, a sight rarely experienced while mortal flesh.  It was of interest to see the humans buzzing in and out of hobbles and mansions, zigzagging through the streets in sneakers with mini dogs in tow and the plethora of Cadillac automobiles.   With the world buzzing with life, Lucius waited for the one life that now mattered more than any other.  He waited for her, the key to his humanity.  The wait was almost unbearable. 
"The sun was up, don't humans rise with the sun!" thought Lucius when a thought suddenly popped into his mind.  Being unbound by the constraints of being a bag of bones, the thought occurred to Lucius to merely walk through the door uninvited and unbeknownst to all.  Having summoned up his courage, Lucius calmly walked through the door of the little girl he most guard.  Shocked, upon entering of the cleanliness of the apartment and the luxury held within.  A 52 inch flat screen, a Wii with a wall of games, leather sofas, wood floors, painted walls, drapery, modern open concept kitchen, and no dust to be seen.  In a split instant, Lucius realized why his mother worked on her back, yet wondered why he became a down on his luck alcoholic.
When Lucius finally arrived at the intersection of two frilly doors, he had a choice to make.  Having decided to show Annabell that he indeed was still with her, decided to enter her quarters in a fully visible state while attempting to reassure her of his good intention.  "God I hope I don't scare the shit out of her!" though Lucius as he braced himself.  He took a deep, imaginary breath, closed his eyes, and headed for the door with the Hello Kitty Sticker, figuring only a child would place such insane stickers of cats in clothing.  Upon entering, he realized he made a mistake when he heard grunts, moans, and baby followed by screams of pleasure and frighten when he realized that maniac mom was looking start at him while holding onto the torso of some body.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Writer's block!  I know what I want to say, I just don't know how to say it!